• James Atil

    Financial Solutions Associate

  • Sales & Marketing Maverick

    A vibrant and efficient marketing and sales professional fuses a background in philosophy and marketing with expertise in B2B sales, business development, account management and media strategies. Provides team effort and collaboration in a given project that provides agile results.


    AXA Philippines

    Financial Solutions Associate

    Feb 2016 - Present

    Job Summary

    My role is to strengthen and expand our client reach through hyper-growth for new business in the branch as well as activating bank integration strategy.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Provide end to end excellent financial needs analysis to prospects.
    • Offer tailored-fit financial solutions to help clients achieve their financial goals.
    • Assist existing clients'  policy  inquiry and complaints  by introducing to the right channels.

    Teletech Corp

    Service Delivery Consultant

    Jan 2015 - Present

    Job Summary

    My role is to provide unparalleled customer service and to promote customer advocacy through out Telstra's customer retention strategies.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Provide end to end excellent customer service to Foxtel form Telsrtra customers.
    • Listen and understand why customer has called us and what matters to them.
    • Proactively identify raise and areas for process/policy improvement through the appropriate channels to prevent further customer issues.

    Convergys Philippines Services

    Customer Service Representative

    Sep 2013 - Dec 2014

    As a Representative I will make sure that all customers inquiries, complaints and technical issues with their phone, internet and TV will be resolved in a timely manner.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Effectively address customer complaints about telephone service, wireless reception, dial-up Internet connectivity and billing issues.
    • Answer queries about new phone plans, discounts, service contracts, bundles, customer benefits and billing requirements.
    • Ensure that technical troubles are addressed quickly and effectively by basic T/S  or transfer customers to advance technical department for complicated problems.

    Maxicare Healthcare Corp.

    Agency Unit Head - NO employer-employee relationship

    May 2013 - Dec 2015

    Job Summary

    Manage day to day sales operation of the agency by providing daily product, pricing and process updates; relay sales strategies and tactics; joint field work activities such as client presentations and prospecting; and account data management.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Meeting the sales targets of the agency through effective planning and budgeting.
    •  Recruit, manage, and motivate health benefit agents and provide support through on-going training provided by the company.
    • responsible for maintaining and improving relationships with the clients.

    Philam Asset Management, Inc.

    Certified Investment Solicitor - NO employer-employee relationship

    Jan 2013 - Sep 2013

    Job Summary

    Markets services by asking for referrals from current clients; meeting prospects at community functions; responding to inquiries; developing promotions; presenting financial planning seminars.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Assesses clients' financial situation by gathering information regarding investments, asset allocation, savings, tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning; evaluating risk tolerance.
    • Develops financial strategies by guiding client to establish financial goals; matching goals to situation with appropriate financial plans.
    • Monitors clients' financial situation by tracking changes in wealth and life circumstances; analyzing financial plan results; identifying and evaluating new financial strategies; recommending changes in goals and plans.

    Charter PIng An Insurance Corp

    Insurance Agent - NO employer-employee relationship

    Dec 2012 - Nov 2015

    Job Summary

    Sell various types of insurance policies to businesses and individuals,  including automobile, fire,  property, and personal accident  or specialized policies such as CARI, performance  and surety bonds.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Explain features, advantages and disadvantages of various policies to promote sale of insurance plans.
    • Inspect property, examining its general condition, type of construction, age, and other characteristics, to decide if it is a good insurance risk.

    • Monitor insurance claims to ensure they are settled equitably for both the client and the insurer and perform administrative tasks, such as maintaining records and handling policy renewals.

    724Care, Inc

    Business Development Manager

    Jan 2012 - Dec 2012

    Job Summary

    As a business development manager I work to expand the company's product reach and profit revenues. I do this by identifying new markets and attracting new clients. Maintaining and building the company's sales pipeline and make sure that every week their is a new contract signed.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Develop strategic plan and execute sales strategies by studying integration of new venture with company strategies and operations; examining risks and potentials.
    • Identify new market and attract new clients researches new business opportunities and client needs.
    • Closes new business deals by coordinating requirements; developing and negotiating contracts; integrating contract requirements with business operations.

    724Care, Inc

    Lead Generation Specialist

    Oct 2010 - Jan 2012

    Job Summary

    Make sure to meet our team quota by delivering highly qualified face to face appointment to agencies in various states base on the clients business requirements.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Cold calling 200 leads for Southern California residences every shift.
    • Identifies market potential by qualifying customers based on their demographics.
    • Closes sales by building rapport with potential customers,  explaining the nature of the appointment.

    Mega Circle, Inc

    Marketing and Promotions Specialist

    Sep 2009 - Oct 2010

    Job Summary

    To ensure all our brand partners' sales will increase by sending interested customers to their stores through purchasing membership and discount cards.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Promoting our brand partners to the consumers by  word of mouth marketing.
    • Highlight the feature, advantage and benefit of  the brand being advertise.
    • Strategically sell discount cards and membership fee to increase customer base.

    League of Business Builders, Inc

    Marketing Assistant

    Jul 2007 - Aug 2009

    Job Summary

    Assist our branch coordinator for the marketing efforts of our branch by providing timely and organize reports and customer service for the independent distributors and stockiest. 

    Key Responsibilities

    • Assist customers and distributors inquiries for product pricing and marketing materials.
    • Supports sales presentations by assembling slide shows and product demonstration.
    • Prepares mailers and brochures by formatting content and graphics for printing and online content.



    Region VII - Central Visayas, Philippines